The 5 Smart Manufacturing Features of IoT-PREDICT

The Rise of IoT in Manufacturing

IoT is a core component of manufacturing transformation across the globe and has brought significant disruption to the sector. According to a report by the International Data Corporation (IDC), IoT spending in manufacturing is expected to rise to $189bn in 2018 alone. With 31% of production processes already incorporating smart devices or embedded intelligence, IoT is now critical to gaining a competitive advantage.

However, according to Head of IoT here at ActionPoint Ivan O’Connor, “although the building blocks for predictive maintenance and smart manufacturing existed, there was no access to an easily deployed end-to-end solution.” Recognising this, ActionPoint developed an industrial grade solution that extracts value within minutes of opening the box. Using a rugged dell edge gateway connected to the Azure cloud, companies can now take the first steps towards Smart Manufacturing.

Here are The 5 Smart Manufacturing Features of IoT-PREDICT.

  1. Quick and Easy Industrial Grade Solution

IoT-PREDICT is a quick and easy solution for industrial managers and quality managers. Designed and built to handle the rigours of harsh industrial environments, it extracts value within ten minutes of opening the box.

  1. Scalability

IoT-PREDICT enables customers to analyse their data in a matter of minutes, is infinitely scalable and tailored to your requirements. Our team can help configure solutions to meet your precise needs.

  1. Highly Secure

IoT-PREDICT is a highly secure, fully encrypted connection between the factory floor and Azure cloud. It is a condition-based monitoring system that reliably, securely and effectively captures industrial IoT sensor data to support predictive maintenance modelling, advanced analytics and real-time alerting.

  1. Easy Implementation

The beauty of IoT-PREDICT is its simplicity. It has been designed from the ground up to allow customers to achieve true industrial IoT in 10 minutes. An all-in-one solution, the 10-minute configuration requires no IT experience or servers and can be quickly deployed across your operation.

  1. Monitor Anywhere, Anytime

IoT-PREDICT can create a single view of multiple plants and compare performance across regions. Customers can check dashboards, run queries, and receive alerts from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Alert rules are easily and quickly configured with notifications being triggered to the right people in the organisation at the right time, precisely when they need them most. The integration with Time Series Insights is a rich value-add for IoT-PREDICT enabling customers to gain more value from time-series data with storage, analysis, and visualization, all in one place.


Data visualisation using Azure Time Series Insights on IoT-PREDICT


An award-winning global solution

The ability of IoT-PREDICT to simply, accurately and reliably measure industrial machines and equipment has provided great benefits to manufacturers worldwide. The solution has enabled customers to reduce costs and increase their efficiency, while also reducing downtime of machines. In April, ActionPoint announced a deal with multinational distribution company TechData. The deal saw TechData become a leading supplier of the predictive maintenance solution, while also bringing the benefits of IoT-PREDICT to manufacturing floors worldwide. The 10 minute out-of-box solution has been shipped across the globe and is now available in markets including Europe, Oceania and North America.

Developed in partnership with Dell, Microsoft and Intel, the custom software developed by ActionPoint for IoT-PREDICT makes ‘smart manufacturing’ a reality. At Microsoft Inspire in July, ActionPoint were named ‘Data and AI Partner of the Year’ for their work developing IoT solutions for customers. Award and distribution wins are just the beginning as more and more customers are signing up for Smart Manufacturing using IoT-PREDICT.

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