IoT-PREDICT Ready to Take on the World With Lucrative Tech Data Distribution Deal!

New Partner, New Opportunities

ActionPoint is delighted to announce our recent deal with multinational distribution company TechData. The deal will see TechData become a leading supplier of our predictive maintenance solution, IoT-PREDICT.

The deal will significantly increase IoT-PREDICT’s global reach allowing more and more Manufacturers to benefit from this smart, machine monitoring solution by opening our sales channel up over 22,000 resellers worldwide.

In other good news, Tech Data has been travelling throughout Spain with their IoT on Wheels Roadshow with a plan is to visit nine cities in five countries throughout Europe. The roadshow is aiming to demonstrate how Tech Data can help partners easily incorporate IoT into their portfolios and deliver innovative business outcomes for their end-user customers in the retail, transport and logistics, smart spaces and manufacturing sectors. IoT-PREDICT will be one of the key exhibitors on this roadshow which the team here are very excited about.

Right: Ivan O’Connor is very excited about the opportunity to partner with TechData.

Speaking ahead of the first stop in Madrid which took place earlier this week, Ivan O’Connor, Head of IoT at ActionPoint said that “the deal is another very positive step forward for IoT-PREDICT, our Manufacturing customers are already experiencing the benefits of IoT-PREDICT but by partnering with TechData, we can improve our reach internationally and bring the benefits of IoT-PREDICT to Manufacturing floors worldwide.

The event takes place in the following cities:

Madrid, Spain, 16-17 April

  • Barcelona, Spain, 19-20 April
  • Lyon, France, 26-27 April
  • Cologne, Germany, 2-3 May
  • Munich, Germany, 7-8 May
  • Newbury, UK, 15-16 May
  • Manchester, UK, 21-22 May
  • Nantes, France, 29-30 May
  • Milan, Italy, 6 June

For more information on the event, check out this tech data blogpost.
For more information on IoT-PREDICT, check out the website.