Critical legacy software successfully migrated to a new platform


Global provider of animal feed

Protein Products Inc. is a renowned, family-owned company which produces high quality pet food and animal feed ingredients for the global market. Their exceptional products are in high demand from large, multinational animal food producers.


Urgent update required for business critical, undocumented custom software

Protein were updating their IT, replacing all of their hardware, when they discovered issues with an old legacy system. This custom software was responsible for tracking crucial processes and cycles in their business – but there was no documentation to support it. They realized that they could not move forward until they had found a way to safely update the software to work on their new hardware.


Extensive examination, documentation and support enabled a smooth transfer to new hardware

ActionPoints’ first step was an extensive audit to ensure the aging software could be successfully moved. Once this was guaranteed, we devised a method of transferring the software to the new IT platform. To secure the business from similar risk in the future we created extensive documentation of the process. As our working partnership had proved so successful to this point, we then signed a contract with Protein to monitor, maintain and update the system.


Reduced risk – the system is stable, secure and fully managed

Protein moved from an unsupported, unstable software system to a solid system fully maintained and supported by ActionPoint. They now have the peace of mind that any issues will be dealt with quickly and capably. We continue to update the system, ensuring it evolves and continues delivering value for Protein.

ActionPoint were instrumental in enabling us to continue to extract value from our legacy system. They have been a pleasure to deal with and are very capable of taking on significant technical challenges.

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