Robust online quoting engine at the heart of online broker’s business


The right policy at the best price.

Chill Insurance is an independent, online, 100% Irish owned insurance intermediary. It has been in business since 2007. The company works with a range of insurers to give their customers a great deal based on their individual needs, and are fast becoming the largest brokerage in Ireland.


Rapid growth puts pressure on online quoting engine

In early 2010 Chill Insurance were on the cusp of a massive growth period. The business is transacted online, and their online quoting engine is a crucial driver of this. Disruption to this service would mean a loss of revenue. At the time Chill Insurance were managing the quoting system completely in-house, but this was becoming unmanageable. The system was struggling to cope with the increased demand for quotations, and a significant upgrade was now a priority.


Scalable, future ready software system

ActionPoint worked on the extensive re-development of the quoting engine, and a software system was put in place that would easily scale to meet the growing demands of the business. Performance, reliability, efficiency and functionally were a key tenant of this. ActionPoint took over the management and maintenance of the system, including all future development work. The deployment of any new custom features occurs within minutes, minimising disruption.


Collaborative partnership. Competitive edge.

In the highly competitive insurance industry, high performing, quality software is critical to success and securing competitive advantage. The quoting engine is now stable and easily scalable, ready to meet the evolving needs of the business. Outsourcing the management of the system meant Chill Insurance could focus on bringing new innovations to the marketplace, partnering with ActionPoint to fulfill the development needs of these new services.

Chill prides itself on delivering an innovative online presence and ActionPoint are a key partner; providing high quality and value driven software development services to Chill.

Padraig Lynch, CEO, Chill Insurance
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