ActionPoint nominated as IAMCP Awards Finalist 2018

IAMCP Awards Finalist

ActionPoint have recently been named as a finalist in the annual IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) awards. The recognition comes after our great work developing custom software with high-end business consulting and executive assessment company, SSCA.

What is IAMCP?

IAMCP is a professional association organized in local chapters that is dedicated to assisting members in business development. The aim is to help organisations in the “Microsoft ecosystem” broaden their base of business opportunities within their own communities and the world by partnering with IAMCP members. The IAMCP Awards honour companies who provide innovative customer solutions and partnerships. The ActionPoint US team have been nominated for their outstanding partnership with General Networks (GN), an MSP whose client, Spencer Shenk Capers & Associates (SSCA), had a piece of propriety software that was not performing optimally.

The Collaboration with SSCA

SSCA is a high-end business consulting and executive assessment company whose core aim is to “increase personal and organizational productivity by developing leadership excellence.” The software that was failing was a crucial aspect to their business, therefore, a fast and effective solution was needed. The key to creating this solution was established when GN introduced ActionPoint to SSCA. Alan Crooks, business development manager, informed us that ActionPoint US “have always had a great working relationship with General Networks having collaborated in the past. There is a lot of trust between the two organizations and understanding of who can deliver in what areas.” It is this trust between the two organizations that gave GN the confidence that ActionPoint were the best group to help solve SSCA software issues through the power of technology.

The collaboration between ActionPoint and SSCA clearly indicated that ActionPoint was able to build a new web application, that not only solved the problem but gave SSCA much more control over their business. Furthermore, to be nominated for an IAMCP award, there is an emphasis placed on what major benefits the customer received during the partnership.

Some of the major benefits of the partnership have included:

  • Increased Efficiency: ActionPoint created a much more user-friendly system for SSCA clients which increased the team’s time efficiency.
  • 3X Increase in Productivity: SSCA drive revenue by delivering assessments. On their old system they struggled to complete 400 per month, however, with the new app developed by ActionPoint, they completed 1’400 in the first month of going live.
  • Cloud Computing: As the new system is hosted on Azure, SSCA has increased their revenue by cutting down on consultancy fees since making the switch to cloud computing.

The outcome of this partnership resulted in a collaborative and trusted solution for SSCA. It proved that the power of collaboration was imperative when creating this solution for SSCA’s software difficulty. ActionPoint’s US Business Development Manager Alan Crooks added, “This was a project where no one partner could deliver a complete solution, so knowing what strengths each organization brought to the table, made for a much more rounded experience for the client.”

A successful relationship built on trust

Trust was a key word both partners reiterated and insinuated to be highly important when working together. ActionPoint continues to consistently assure trust and innovation to the client, which reflects positively in the workplace environment. IAMCP has been a great resource for both ActionPoint and their partners in the US as it has allowed the team to generate relationships that go far beyond just business. We would like to wish the ActionPoint US team the very best of luck in the coming weeks following their nomination and we are hugely proud of their achievements in 2018 so far. 

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